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Jeffrey Stenback, BS, DPT - Best In Patient Care

Jeffrey Stenback


Dr. Jeffrey Stenback has been appointed onto the Physical Therapy Board by the American Health Council in acknowledgement of his commitment to the industry over the past 35 years, where he has held positions in acute care, a chronic pain residential program and private practice.

Dr. Stenback graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in 1981, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in 1983.

Originally, Dr. Stenback took a different path and began college on a pre-med track. However, he soon realized this was not the route he wanted to follow. With a singing background, he even considered pursuing opera professionally, but then decided upon physical therapy after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Since 1988, Dr. Stenback has been working at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists and is now the Owner and Director of the practice. Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialist is an independently owned private practice physical therapy clinic, providing quality individualized physical therapy. The practice offer a wide range of services including neck and lower back pain, temporomandibular disorders, performing arts physical therapy, myofascial release, pelvic floor and women’s
health, amputees and geriatric physical therapy.

Dr. Stenback is an expert in performing arts physical therapy, temporomandibular, neck and back pain patients. On a daily basis, Dr. Stenback manages the private practice with five physical therapists. He continues to participate in direct patient care, with an office focused on patients with orthopedic dysfunction. While patients run the gamut of musculoskeletal disorders, the office also has several niche areas such as temporomandibular disorders, neck and back pain, performing arts, women’s health/pelvic floor disorders and amputees.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Stenback has lectured nationally on issues from back and neck pain management, lumbopelvic stabilization, temporomandibular rehabilitation and treatment of performing artists. He has worked with dancers, junior Olympic gymnasts and musicians. He was instrumental in developing guidelines for Actor’s Equity members in the safe use of raked staging. He has been board-certified as a clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy since 1991.

Throughout his career, Dr. Stenback has had a variety of professional honours and awards including, Board-certification as a clinical specialist in orthopaedic physical therapy, 1991; recertification in 2010, 201, National Advisory committee for development of a Description of Advanced Clinical Practice (DACP) for Performing Arts Physical Therapy Performing Arts Special Interest Group (PASIG), Orthopaedic section of APTA; President 2002-2005, Treasurer 1999-2002, Manuscript reviewer for Journal of Dance Medicine and Science (JDMS), Manuscript reviewer for Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT) and Board member, Analysis of Dance and Movement (ADAM) Center, New York.

To broaden his knowledge and insight, Dr. Stenback is associated with a number of professional associations, including the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA), Orthopaedic section, APTA and Performing Arts Special Interest Group (PASIG). Dr. Stenback attributes his success to a lifelong interest in education and staying current with his profession. He became board-certified in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy in 1991 through the American Physical Therapy Association’s Orthopaedic section and served as president of a special interest group on performing artists (PASIG) from 2002-2005. Additionally, he was on the national advisory board for the development of a Description of Advanced Clinical Practice (DACP) for physical therapists treating performing artists in 2000-2002. Dr. Stenback strongly believes staying actively involved in the profession is critical to remaining relevant.

Dr. Stenback has recently completed his clinical doctorate in physical therapy through Arcadia University. He is actively involved in implementing an EMR system into the private practice and has been involved in designing conditioning programs for a local competitive volleyball club. Over the next 5 years, he hopes to apply injury incidence reporting and to further refine their program as a result. He remains dedicated to providing high quality physical therapy and continuing his pursuit of lifelong learning within the profession.

As well as professional achievements and awards, Dr. Stenback also has many personal aspects of his life he is proud of. One of these is being a proud father of three boys, two step-sons and five grandchildren. He is also a Tenor section leader, St John Neumann Festival choir, 1993 to present.
In his spare time, Dr Stenback enjoys reading, singing in his church choir and travelling to see family and grandchildren. Being apart of the church choir enables Dr. Stenback to volunteer with them. Currently, Orthopedic Rehabilitation is putting together a team to participate in the Jingle Bell run to benefit the local Arthritis Foundation in December; St John Festival choir local outreach.

Founder & Director of Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialist at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialist is an independently owned private practice physical therapy clinic, providing quality individualized physical therapy.
  • Built on an unwavering dedication to personalized care, they make sure their patients will receive quality attention from their physical therapists.
  • With close supervision, personal assistance and expert manual therapy, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality physical therapy possible.

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